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“It’s time to take charge of our own health, and live to the very best of our ability. As such Dermot’s advice is more useful than any amount of private healthcare insurance.” The Sunday Independent



“Dermot brings his own inspiring and courageous story to his very effective approach to treatment.  Anyone would benefit from heeding his health advice.” The Irish Times


“Dermot is a gifted healer whose skills enable others to make significant changes in their lives” 
Paul McKenna, Author and Hypnotherapist







“Dermot O’Connor has a magical talent for healing physical and mental ailments. An expert healer who will revive your vitality to a new level.” 
Bill Cullen, star of The Apprentice






“I really like Dermot’s revolutionary approach to looking good and feeling great” 
Elle Macpherson – Supermodel








“Dermot gave me an inspirational and empowering insight into my health. I think he is a gifted practitioner and a powerful mentor” 
Caryn Franklin, Fashion expert and presenter







“In April 2005, I was diagnosed with Dupuytren’s Contracture – a hardening of the palm which causes a progressive contraction of the fingers. As a professional musician I was devastated to learn that conventional treatment offered by surgery not only caused a 3 month rehabilitation period, but also failed to cure the condition. My surgeon informed me that according to his knowledge of medical history there had never been a case of Dupuytren’s Contracture ever retreating. Fortunately I contacted Dermot and Duputren’s has retreated and I have been able to continue my musical career with confidence.

The orthopaedic surgeons in Oxford have been amazed with the result.”

Dupuytren’s Contracture – Phil Fryer, 54 professional musician, Oxford UK

“I had been suffering from the Hepatitis B virus for 40 years but there was no damage to my liver. However, tests at St. Mary’s hospital in London in April 2005 indicated the possibility which then became real – cancer of the liver. Although I received some laser treatment at the hospital in September 2005, I was told that I could benefit from complementary medicine. My search led me to Dermot O’Connor and I had three consultations. Recent blood tests and MRI scans have given me complete clearance of both Liver cancer and Hepatitis B. I am now back to good health.”

Liver Cancer – Vishna Nathtrehan




“My vision had become blurred and the doctor had told me that I had optic neuritis – swelling of the optic nerve. After 6 months I then started to get pins and needles in my hands. The back of my legs were tingling too. It took over a year for my doctor to get an appointment with a neurologist, when at 40 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Shocked, I imagined myself with walking sticks and wearing dark glasses. Five months later my other eye started to act up. I could see, but in a very patchy way. Words were missing when I read the newspaper. I didn’t recognise people I knew quite well and I couldn’t drive at night. I was petrified. My MS nurse told me about Dermot O’Connor and I went for a consultation. After my third appointment what seemed like a miracle happened. Suddenly I could see very clearly. I could read the newspaper and drive at night. Four and a half years later I can still see perfectly well and I haven’t had any further MS attacks.

Multiple Sclerosis – Sharon Rose – Reported in “that’s life!” 29th June 2006

“I lived with severe sinus trouble for over twenty years. It was at the point where sinus problems seemed to be just part and parcel of being me. The worrying thing was that the problem was getting worse. Apart from having blocked sinuses every day, each month I would be completely debilitated with severe pain and had to take time off work. Alongside this was a chronic gastric issue and constant tiredness. After consulting with Dermot for just two weeks I witnessed dramatic changes that I had never anticipated. My sinuses were clearing up. I now enjoy my life breathing freely and easily and have not had any problems since. My gastric problems have also disappeared and I have a renewed since of vigour, energy and wellbeing.”

Sinus – Declan Bradley

“For a number of years my sinuses had become very inflamed and blocked, leading to sinusitis. I even needed antibiotics for infected sinuses. Conventional medication’s effect was too short-lasting. I had a course of five consultations and felt a big difference after the second one. I then had sessions once a month, but now I don’t even need those. I’ve got clear sinuses for the first time in years. As an added benefit it has left me with more energy and feeling less stressed.”

Sinus – Carmel Dolan (Reported in Woman’s Own 22nd May 2006)


I had suffered with chronic eczema for over twenty years and was using a steroidal cream which was becoming less and less effective. It was out of curiosity that I made an appointment to see Dermot. To determine how effective treatment was progressing we decided to continue to treat one half of my body with the existing steroidal medication and the other half with Chinese herbal medications. Within a matter of days the difference between the two sides of my body was staggering. I continued with full treatment on both sides and within just a matter of weeks my eczema had virtually disappeared from my body completely and has stayed away. This is something that I had never experienced before.

Eczema – Michael R

“Our little boy Evan was diagnosed with Autism. We were obviously devastated when we found out. However, after receiving several months of treatment and following recommended dietary changes we saw big improvements in Evan’s behaviour and health. Prior to this, Evan had constant colds, ear infections, oral thrush, and chest infections. Since starting treatment he has not had any infections. We also noticed that Evan slept much better and stopped flapping his hands and rolling his eyes which he often did during meal times. Evan’s eye contact improved and his interaction with others improved steadily. Evan also began vocalizing and has continued to add more and more vocabulary and put sentences together. Evan was extremely relaxed during and after treatment (impossible to believe for a 2 year old) and often expressed more emotion after treatment, which would have been lacking beforehand. Evan is now an extremely happy and healthy child who constantly sings and his sense of humour shines through. We will be forever grateful to Dermot for all his hard work, deep knowledge and guidance.”

Autism – Evan Rogers, 4 Wicklow