Multiple Sclerosis

What is the main reason people are encountering health issues and have attended The Healing Code Acupuncture clinic?…You will probably be really surprised by this….

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If I ask most people this question they will typically answer – smoking, drinking, or eating too much junk food. Yes it’s true of course that these behaviors are... Read More

The Healing Code – The Psychology of Health Recovery

Chinese Medicine / Multiple Sclerosis

In many respects this chapter which addresses the mental aspect of health recovery is the most important part of the Healing Code. Unless you approach The Healing Code with... Read More

The Chinese Dietary Therapy for Optimal Health

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), foods have individual therapeutic properties which can not only be used to maintain health, but also to contribute to the treatment of illnesses.... Read More

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis

Chinese Medicine / Female Health / Male Health / Multiple Sclerosis

It was following my own diagnosis with an aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis in 1998 and the seemingly miraculous recovery that followed, that my vocation to the oriental healing... Read More