Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

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So you’ve been back and forth to your GP for months now, but there is no sign of your condition abating. You may even have been told that Western Medicine doesn’t have an answer to your problem – or worse, it may not even recognise your problem at all. It’s time perhaps for you to consider Chinese Medicine, which may hold some interesting possibilities. For many of us this is our first exposure to... Read More ››

The Chinese Dietary Therapy for Optimal Health

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), foods have individual therapeutic properties which can not only be used to maintain health, but also to contribute to the treatment of illnesses. Chinese Dietary Therapy dates back to at least the Chinese Zhou dynasty, from the 11th to the 8th century BC and is seen as a sub-group of Chinese Herbal Medicine, where the TCM practitioner gives dietary guidance on a wide range of foods to support... Read More ››

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis

Chinese Medicine / Female Health / Male Health / Multiple Sclerosis

It was following my own diagnosis with an aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis in 1998 and the seemingly miraculous recovery that followed, that my vocation to the oriental healing arts was formed. This is a modified version of the article I wrote for the MS Society in April 2001. In this updated version I have now included some recent scientific research evidence, which offers support to ancient Traditional Chinese Medical approaches to the treatment... Read More ››

Healing Emotions with Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese Medicine places a large emphasis on the role of emotion in almost all illnesses. The greatest Chinese doctors were renowned for their deep understanding of the mind and emotions. It is therefore not surprising that many people encountering emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, habitual stress, and low self-esteem are returning to this ancient system of medicine and visiting Ireland’s leading Chinese Medical practitioner Dermot O’Connor at his clinic on Haddington Road,... Read More ››

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