Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of Hayfever

Chinese Medicine

Allergic rhinitis or “hayfever” is caused by a variety of substances from pollen to dust mites. The most common form of allergic rhinitis is seasonal allergic rhinitis, which typically occurs at the same time each year when flowers and plants are in bloom. Approximately 15 percent of the general population is believed to have some form of allergic rhinitis. The symptoms of hayfever usually include itching of the nose, roof of the mouth and... Read More ››

Qigong -Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Self-Help System

Chinese Medicine / Female Health / Male Health

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is large emphasis placed on the importance of self-help in maintaining health and recovery from illness. Whilst the TCM Medical practitioner helps by intervening in the health recovery process, through acupuncture and herbal medicine, it is also the responsibility of the client to take charge of dietary and lifestyle issues based on the advice given by the practitioner. However self-help within TCM goes much further than this. Qigong... Read More ››

The Healing Code – The Psychology of Health Recovery

Chinese Medicine / Multiple Sclerosis

In many respects this chapter which addresses the mental aspect of health recovery is the most important part of the Healing Code. Unless you approach The Healing Code with the optimal mind-set I think it is far more challenging to implement to program. When I was initially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I went to a very dark place and alongside this psychological downturn I witnessed a physical decline in my condition. An observation I... Read More ››

Acupuncture, Fertility and IVF Treatment

Acupuncture / Fertility / IVF Treatment

In my clinic, I have noticed a dramatic growth in demand for acupuncture andChinese Medicine for the treatment of fertility. Some of this increased demand is undoubtedly due to burgeoning media attention, but it is mostly because of the proven effectiveness of oriental medicine at treating a wide spectrum of fertility issues. I personally find delivering successful fertility treatment through acupuncture extremely rewarding because of the obvious joy that it brings. It is however different from treating conditions... Read More ››

Insomnia and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine / Female Health / Insomnia / Male Health

You are exhausted and grateful that the day is over. Nothing is going to keep you awake tonight – or at least that’s what you think. As soon as your head hits the pillow it starts again; that internal chatter that has kept you awake for so many nights. You have to endure a constant inner conversation where you spiral over the same frustrating thoughts, most of which seem irrelevant when all you need... Read More ››

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